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Our Team
Our Team

Our Team

Monday, 10 August 2009 14:37

Our Team

Written by Erin Hulme

Chelsea Cox - Conference Coordinator

Chelsea Cox was born and raised in Michigan by her lively American/ Canadian/ British family. In 2004 she moved to Hamilton, Ontario, to attend McMaster University, where she studied History and Peace Studies. Aside from some stints in Chile, England, and Wyoming, Chelsea has happily resided in Hamilton ever since. Her studies at McMaster will continue this fall, when she will pursue a Master's in History. She has long been active in various peace campaigns, especially for the environment, animal rights, women's empowerment, and First Nations solidarity. Chelsea started her work with the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace in September 2008, and is now the coordinator of this year's Peace Education Conference. When she is not excitedly planning the conference, Chelsea enjoys biking with friends, traveling, music, reading, and participating in Hamilton Free Skool classes.

Julia Riddell - Youth Conference Coordinator

Julia is a curious person who is very excited to be part of this inspiring Hamilton community. She is currently attending McMaster to complete her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour with a minor in Peace Studies.

Her main passions are youth and the arts, and she has been lucky enough to work on great projects in both fields. For the last four summers, Julia worked at a therapeutic camp for at-risk youth called The Inner Edge. She led canoe trips and hikes, and counselled youth with a variety of behaviour and emotional issues. She teaches dance and creative movement to a variety of ages, and dances as often as possible in her spare time. She collaborates with the Theatre for Liberation Community Project (TLCP) in facilitating dance, drama and visual arts activities for youth. Julia recently ran a drama program for the Knowledge Tree that focused on conflict transformation, emotional expression and connecting with others. She currently volunteers with VON Hamilton’s Good Beginnings Program, helping struggling mothers care for their new infants.

Julia is currently planning the youth peace education conference for this fall and will be starting a practicum with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board in September. Julia hopes to create a culture of peace through radical changes to the education system, and through smiling at people.

Anne-Marie Collette - Steward of School Peace Program

Anne-Marie Collette has devoted her life to inspiring others. As a public school teacher, facilitator and educational leader for over 25 years, her innovative programs and unique teaching methods have attracted local, provincial and national recognition. In the spring of 2004 parents of her Grade 2 students coupled with school administrators applauded Anne-Marie’s exceptional holistic and heart-centered programs by nominating her for the Lieutenant Governor’s Excellence in Education Award for elementary grades in Manitoba.

Anne-Marie has been called a soulful teacher and is gifted with the ability to see and nourish the inner spark that she believes fuels the passion and wisdom in all of us.  She believes that each person is a wholesome being having a spiritual experience. Through love and inspiration she encourages others to find and follow the path of their own inner-wisdom. An enlightened speaker, she touches the hearts of children and adults alike with insightful messages and stories.

Anne-Marie is currently co-developing a Framework for the CCTP School Peace Program.  Her summer assistant, Erin Hulme and CCTP director, Robert Stewart along with parents, educators, notable university professors, authors and many more have offered her valuable feedback and research based literature during this SPP gestation period.  On Friday of the conference, the Framework will be shared with all.  In small group settings, some aspects of the SPP will be developed on sight by all participants.  The National School Peace Education Program Action Plan that will emerge from the conference will be presented to Ministries of Education in 2001 and will be posted on the SPP website.  The completed version of the SPP Framework will also be available on the SPP website.

She is currently writing her first book which will serve as an essential reference for educators of the 21st century. In her spare time, she enjoys walking in nature, reading, dancing, traveling, cooking, meditating and learning Spanish.

Robert Porter - Peace Café Coordinator

Rob joined Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace in 2002, after attending the first Annual Conference on Peace Education in Canada when he started his second university undergraduate degree.

Originally from a farm near Walkerton, Ontario, Rob resides in Hamilton, Ontario where he attended McMaster University for music, theatre & film studies, and peace studies.

Rob has assisted with the Annual Conferences on Peace Education in Canada over the years, first as a volunteer student and later as the facilitator and coordinator.

He is now the director of the first community Peace Café, Hamilton Centre for Teaching Peace.

Rob also is a professional web programmer and designer, having designed and programmed dozens of sites since 1997. More recently he has been working with clients in the civil rights and social justice fields, with such organizations as School of the Americas Watch,  ONE DC, The Toronto-Niagara Bike Train Initiative, and the Ontario Public Interest Research Group.

Robert Stewart - Director of Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace

Bob is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Consultant by profession.  He has held many senior management positions in business and government over the past 36 years. His passion for peace was ignited by his involvement in the Rotary International convention that took place in Calgary in 1996.  The message that he heard was "peace is the most worthwhile cause, and you should do something".  Since that time, Bob has founded the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace and leads the Canadian Culture of Peace Program.  His peace website at <>   has been ranked number 1 by Google with over 50,000 visitors per month, and he has been referred to as "the foremost peace educator in Canada". In 2000, Bob was the recipient of the YMCA Peace Award at the annual presentation in Calgary.

Bob recognized, as do others, that the Culture of Peace Program is on the threshold of making a major impact pacifically, nationally and internationally, but is currently lacking direction and capacity. He has devoted himself to using his professional skills as a (general) manager and information manager to help advance this 'direction and capacity' by founding the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace, the Canadian Culture of Peace Program, annual national and provincial peace education conferences, and Peace Cafés.

He has 3 children, a key influence on Bob's decision to 'make a difference with his life' during the International Decade for Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World.

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