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An afternoon with Dr David Adams Sunday, Nov 27 @2pm

Written by  Sunil Angrish

Dr David Adams (former UNESCO Director of the Unit for the International Year for the Culture of Peace) will be speaking at Homegrown Hamilton about peace in Canada and abroad this Sunday.

Dr David Adams retired in 2001 from UNESCO where he was the Director of the Unit for the International Year for the Culture of Peace, proclaimed for the Year 2000 by the United Nations General Assembly.

Following a career as Professor of Psychology for 23 years at Wesleyan University (Connecticut, USA), he had come to UNESCO in 1992 to develop the Culture of Peace Programme as an supplement and alternative to military peacekeeping operations.

His responsibilities have included development of national culture of peace projects, research and development of the culture of peace concept and training in peace-building and conflict resolution. On behalf of UNESCO he prepared UN documents, including the draft Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace (1999).

He is the author of several books and numerous publications in neurophysiology, cardiovascular physiology, genetics, ethology, biopsychology, social psychology, cross-cultural anthropology, history, and ethics.

A number of these studies have helped lay the scientific basis for work towards a culture of peace.

Part of Peace Weekend.

Brought to you by Hamilton Centre for Teaching Peace and Culture of Peace Hamilton! Free,

Homegrown Hamilton/Sky Dragon Centre
27 King William Street, Hamilton


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